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Get a QUIK price of your car instantly over the phone. One of our friendly team members are available now and will take the details of the vehicle, models, k’s & condition for an evaluation. The process EASY and you’ll get a valuation of your wheels nice and QUIK… that simple.


We organise the car to be collected or dropped off REAL Quik! Quik cars were formed with one mission in mind…make getting rid of your car EASY…….Don’t deal with some sleazy salesperson, don’t deal with someone trying to low ball you on your car….just get it outta here.


SHOW ME THE MONEY!! Collect the cash for your wheels without delays! We payout your loans when applicable, deposit the funds and get you paid straight away. GET THE CASH!!! Get it now and get it QUIK.

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I Want To Sell My Car,

How does Quik work?

Often, selling a car can be a hassle. But at Quik Car Buyers, we make it easy to sell your car! How do we do this? Simple. With Quik Car Buyers, there is no need to worry about paying for costly maintenance or repairs usually required to make the car presentable and ready for sale. No need to pay for detailing, no hassle of taking photos, no stress of writing a detailed description of your car and you can forget about paying for it to join all the hundreds of other cars on the internet. What's more, we save you the inconvenience of having to spend time dealing with strangers enquiring about your car, coming to look at it and then not wanting to buy it! What a waste of time, right? Suddenly, selling your car becomes a long, drawn out process…... Once you find someone willing to buy, they may also need to organise finance, which can often take weeks. All of a sudden, the entire process of selling your car has become very painful!…...Quik car buyers’ process is the absolute opposite!
Quik Car Buyers make it SUPER SIMPLE to sell your car…… All you need to do is enter your car’s details into the QUIK SYSTEM. An alert is then sent to our in-house car buying consultant. Because we are QUIK, we IMMEDIATELY take action. We instantly share and connect your car with our extensive car buying network across AUSTRALIA. 
We then get in touch with you Quik for a friendly chat about your location and a few details on your car such as, general condition, any added accessories, tyre tread, service history and so on. You then leave it with us and we organise a certified buyer!
You’ll then get a call from a GUARANTEED CAR BUYER located close to you. You will only ever be contacted by a certified car buyer associated with Quik Car Buyers Pty Ltd. You know they mean business. Our buyers do nothing but purchase cars for a living. They know the industry and the market like the back of their hand! This means you ONLY deal with fair, competitive prices. Forget lowballers, tyre kickers, and time wasters! Quik Car Buyers means convenience.
Getting connected with a real deal buyer immediately who only means business results in a QUIK QUIK QUIK transaction. Quite literally, your car can be SOLD WITHIN THE HOUR of getting started with the Quik car system.


Your car is GONE! You can either have your car collected or simply drop it off!! You can get Quik cash for your car, have the funds deposited into your bank account instantly and even have your car loans paid out when applicable.
Rarely can you wipe your hands clean of your car so easily. Not only is the process clean, simple and hassle free- It’s Quik!!! Start selling now, right here on this website, GET YOUR CAR SOLD and get the CASH, QUIK!.

Some frequently asked questions...

Who buys the car?
The founders of Quik Car Buyers Pty Ltd have decades of automotive sales, buying, and service experience. Through many years of establishing trusted relationships Australia wide, we engage and maintain a network of the highest level professionals in the industry. We connect you with a professional buyer with incredible speed and ease.
How much will I get for my wheels?
Only the fairest and most competitive price is presented to you after we receive your details. At no stage are you obligated to accept any price offered for your car. You only sell us your car when you are 100% happy. An accurate market evaluation is conducted on your car sight unseen. Upon the physical pick up or drop off of your vehicle, the transaction is completed in accordance with the agreed sale amount. Quik Car Buyers also reserve the right to not to connect the seller to a buyer at our discretion. This can be for many reasons such as the vehicle not being ‘in a salable condition’,  ‘not desirable’, and the likes of. 
What if I have finance on my car?
Simple. Consider you owe $10,000 on your car and your car buy price is $10,000. The $10,000 is paid directly to your finance company or bank. If there are any pay out fees, this will need to be covered by the seller. If you owe $10,000 on your car and the buy price is $7,000, the seller will need to make up the shortfall of $3,000 and any pay out/ loan termination fees before the transaction is completed. What’s really cool is that these funds can be transferred immediately to make the process SUPER QUIK!
Sometimes cars with finance owing can make it difficult for you to sell. We make the process as easy as possible. What we recommend to make the process as seamless as possible, is to get a current payout figure from your finance company or bank prior to selling ;)
What if I’m from out of town?
NO PROBLEMO!! You can be in the middle of nowhere. Rural, country, it doesn't matter! This may slightly delay the transaction compared to sales in the city or suburbs however, but it will still be Quik after all things considered. The main thing you can count on is the prompt pick up or drop off, transport organisation and diligent communication. Quik Car Buyers will purchase your car anywhere in Australia!
Cash and offload has never been easier.
You can drop it off, get it picked up and we organise it all over the phone. All you have to do is START NOW and ENTER YOUR DETAILS. Find out how much you will get today! Get it done easy and with no hassle and get it done Quik!