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How Selling Your Car Is as Easy as 1-2-3


Tell Us About Your Ride
Keen to turn that metal beauty into moolah? Kick things off by punching in a few digits about your ride, right into our online form. Tap ‘Submit’ and, quicker than a kookaburra swoops, you’ll snag an instant estimate. It’s a breeze, and you'll know straight away what kind of cash pile we’re talking about—no wriggles, no wrangles. No novels needed, just the facts. What’s the make? The model? How many kilometres has she clocked? Fill out the simple form and you're halfway there. Whether you're in the bustling streets of Sydney or the serene surroundings of Tasmania, we’re all ears, everywhere.
Inspection on Your Turf, Anywhere from Tasmania to Queensland

Hold onto your hats—next, our seasoned inspectors mosey on down to wherever you’ve got your wheels parked, city bustle or outback quiet. We’ll peek under the bonnet and around the edges, making sure your chariot is priced just right. This check-up is chockers with care but won’t poke into your day one bit more than needed. Got a Holden in Hobart or a Toyota in Toowoomba? We come to you. Our experts are ready to hit the road and roll up at your doorstep—whether you’re surrounded by the red dust of the Northern Territory or catching a breeze by the Western Australian coast. We inspect your ride on your terms and your turf. It’s like having a personal car concierge! Consider this step a pit stop on your way to the finish line—where cash awaits!

Instant Cash, Fast and Furiously Yours

Once we’ve had a gander at your go-getter, it’s time to crunch the numbers and cook up an offer that’ll have you grinning. We base our bids on the latest market buzz plus a detailed look-see at your vehicle's condition. Think the offer's a bit off? Chinwag with us—we’re all ears and ready to hash it out until we hit the sweet spot. Tickled pink by the price? Fantastic! Let’s ink the deal and get the wheels rolling to wrap-up.

As soon as we say 'Vroom Vroom' to your car's condition, the cash speeds its way to your pocket. Ford, Fiat, or Ferrari—we don’t discriminate. We make an offer that would make even the most seasoned car dealer nod in approval. Accept it, and let’s make it rain dollars! Why wait? With us, you sell slick, you sell fast, and you get paid quicker than a Lamborghini on an open highway.

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Get A Price NOW

Ready to zip through selling your car with the swiftness of a roadrunner? Tap below and let Quik Car Buyers turbocharge your car-to-cash conversion!

We Buy Every Vehicle Type

Sell Us Your Classic Car

Fancy a fling with a classic? These old souls need a genteel touch. We doll up a custom check-up that respects their years and quirks, eyeing the bits that make collectors swoon—authenticity, rarity, and those original trims. Trust us to fetch top dollar for your timeless treasure.

We Buy SUVs and Trucks

Think size doesn’t matter? Well, in the world of wagons, it does. SUVs and beastly trucks come under our gaze for their brawn and bulk, fuel thirst, and how much they’ve hauled. We've got the kit to measure up these big'uns properly, making sure you get a fair shake for your hefty hauler.

We Want Your Electric Vehicles

Zipping into the future with an electric zoomer? Our checks are amped up to match. We suss out the zap—battery health, software savvy, and all that high-tech jazz—to offer you a price that’s current and competitive. Stay plugged in; with us, your electron mover is worth every spark.

I Want To Sell My Car, Now!

Why Selling Your Car with Us is a Smooth Ride

Forget the rough roads of car sales. Our service makes selling your car as smooth as cruising on the highway. With Quik Car Buyers, it's all about speed, convenience, and reliability—no bumps, no hitches, just a straight, smooth journey from your old car to cash in your hand. We're like your trusty GPS, guiding you through every turn with ease.

From South Australia to Northern Territory - We're Here for You

Whether you’re parking your Porsche in Perth or your Holden in Hobart, we cater to every make, every model, and every state. South Australia’s scenic routes, Queensland’s sunny streets, or the rugged roads of Tasmania—wherever you are, we bring our A-game. So don’t stall—getting your car sold with us is like hitting the nitro button in a drag race. Quick, efficient, and absolutely thrilling!

Local Expertise, Nationwide Convenience

From the surf waves of Sydney to the artsy alleys of Melbourne, and through the sunny stretches of Brisbane. At Quik Car Buyers, we tailor our jingle to ring true to every local note. It’s not just about knowing the streets; it’s about knowing the street-smart hacks of every car market under the Aussie sun.

Hear It From the Locals - Happy Sellers Across Australia

Don’t just take our word for it; hear the roar of satisfaction from our customers across the continent. From "Best decision ever!" exclaimed by a jolly Jeep owner in Jervis Bay to "Slicker than my BMW’s oil change!" raved by a beaming BMW enthusiast in Brisbane, our clients are singing praises louder than a V8 at a car meet. They dropped their keys and picked up their cash faster than a pit crew at the F1.

How does Quik car buying work?

Often, selling a car can be a hassle. But at Quik Car Buyers, we make it easy to sell your car! How do we do this? Simple. With Quik Car Buyers, there is no need to worry about paying for costly maintenance or repairs usually required to make the car presentable and ready for sale.

NO need to create an ad or list your car

No need to pay for detailing, no hassle of taking photos, no stress of writing a detailed description of your car and you can forget about paying for it to join all the hundreds of other cars on the internet. What's more, we save you the inconvenience of having to spend time dealing with strangers enquiring about your car, coming to look at it and then not wanting to buy it! What a waste of time, right? Suddenly, selling your car becomes a long, drawn out process…

No ads, no listings. Cash for your car, fast!

Once you find someone willing to buy, they may also need to organise finance, which can often take weeks. All of a sudden, the entire process of selling your car has become very painful!…...Quik car buyers’ process is the absolute opposite!

"Outstanding Experience Selling My Car"

Quik Car Buyers make it SUPER SIMPLE to sell your car…… All you need to do is enter your car’s details into the QUIK SYSTEM. An alert is then sent to our in-house car buying consultant. Because we are QUIK, we IMMEDIATELY take action. We instantly share and connect your car with our extensive car buying network across AUSTRALIA. 

Sell Your Car on YOUR TERMS

We then get in touch with you Quik for a friendly chat about your location and a few details on your car such as, general condition, any added accessories, tyre tread, service history and so on. You then leave it with us and we organise a certified buyer!

We WANT to Buy Your Car

You’ll then get a call from a GUARANTEED CAR BUYER located close to you. You will only ever be contacted by a certified car buyer associated with Quik Car Buyers Pty Ltd. You know they mean business. Our buyers do nothing but purchase cars for a living. They know the industry and the market like the back of their hand! This means you ONLY deal with fair, competitive prices. Forget lowballers, tyre kickers, and time wasters! Quik Car Buyers means convenience.

Why sell your car with us?

Getting connected with a real deal buyer immediately who only means business results in a QUIK QUIK QUIK transaction. Quite literally, your car can be SOLD WITHIN THE HOUR of getting started with the Quik car system.

Ready to Rev Up Your Selling Engine?

Whether you’re dodging kangaroos in the Kimberley or battling brollies in Tassie, we adapt our services faster than a kookaburra swoop. We’ve had Jackaroos in Julia Creek who jingled their pockets full of cash, or the Tassie devil who traded their car quicker than a swipe at a Salamanca Market stall. Ready to rev up your selling engine? Throw us your keys (figuratively speaking) and we’ll handle the rest, making sure you’re as happy as a kookaburra at snack time.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Worried about the fine print? Wondering if we take cars with a bit of a ding or a dated registration? Or maybe you're curious about how quick 'Quik' really is? Toss your questions our way like loose coins into a toll booth—we’ve got clear, simple answers that’ll put your mind at ease, without the confusing mechanic jargon.
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Ready to Roll? Let’s Get Your Car Sold!

Rev up your selling engine because you're on the starting grid. Enter your details and let’s shift this into high gear. Remember, selling your car with Quik Car Buyers isn’t just a transaction—it’s a victory lap on the racetrack of car sales. Click that button and let’s get you to the winner’s circle: cash in hand, worries in the rearview mirror.