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Things we do Quik
We come to you! If you're selling a car in Brisbane, you don’t need to lift a finger. If it’s a car that our buyers want to buy, they pick it up. If there’s an issue and the car needs to be towed, we factor that in by arranging transport to make things easy. Sell your car quickly!

We pay out your car loan when applicable. If you owe $10,000 on your car and the loan is worth $10,000 buy price, we transfer the funds straight to the financial institution. If there are little things like admin fees involved to pay out the loan, this is at the responsibility of the seller. One way to save even more time if you owe anything on your car, is to just simply get a payout figure…...Also, for example, if you owe $10,000 on your car and the car is worth $12,000, you get the $2,000 deposited straight into your bank account.

We buy any make, any model. It’s that simple…..If you want cash for your car in Brisbane, we want to buy it! If you’re looking for the best possible solution to sell your car fast. This is it. Sell it Quik.

We get a guaranteed sale price to you so fast, it’s not funny! You have to agree on the price before you sell your car. You do not need to rush at all, but our speedy service and payment are here for you when you need it. We want you to have a positive experience, fast and easy. Quik reserves the right to not buy a car for any reason.

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Get cash for your car Quik, like REAL Quik.

Sell your car in Brisbane EASY!

You better believe it…..We make the problem of offloading your wheels an absolute breeze. You’re here because you have a car you need to sell. You can put it on the typical sales sites and wait... wait... wait... for what feels like FOREVER! You’ll have to wash it, detail it, take photos of it, maybe fix up a few things (I know my cars are not perfect!) then deal with the potential buyer...forget about it……..Look, let’s be honest, we all know what they’re like! They waste your time, low ball you way too much and before you know it, you’ve lost months of your life!
What you need is straight up Quik Car Buyers to get on the case immediately. Like, RIGHT NOW!! On this very page….. we get it all sorted…...we organise a qualified buyer straight away and BOOM! Your wheels are picked up, cash in the bank, cash in hand and loans paid out! Safe and secure transactions, no wasting time, endless car inspections or test drives. Just a reasonable price for selling your vehicle. PRETTY COOL HEY!
Quick Car Buyers are an Australian owned and operated business with a qualified network of car buyers across the country who are experienced in car valuations. This network has taken years to establish, but makes for an incredible end result and easy process. Simply throw your details IN THE FORM ABOVE, what type of car it is, how many KM’s on the clock, and your name and number. As soon as we see it come through, we are on the phone! Once we establish where you are, our professional and honest buyer from our trusted network is at your house to inspect, purchase, and settle the transaction in the easiest way possible. A buyer that’s perfectly suited is in contact with you under the quality control of QUIK.
We’re serious when we say selling a car can be hard and we are DEAD SERIOUS when we say we make it easy. Whether it’s a 2-3 year old Mazda, Toyota, commercial vehicle, beat up VT commodore, no matter the body type, a suitable buyer will be arranged. Even a prestige car buyer will be organised and come to you at the drop of a hat. If you want to arrange to drop the car off at a convenient location, that can be organised. An instant valuation for your car for people selling their car.
The process is simple. Send us your car details, and a buyer is immediately in touch with you anywhere in Australia. If you are regional, no problem. If you owe money on the car, let’s work it out. If you want to make it easy, we are the solution.

Some cool things about Quik….

Think of Quik like the Uber of selling your car. Eliminate any annoying middle man, any annoying situation and just have it organised for you. Quik is like services such as Uber and Air BnB. Quik is the same- and really cool!
If you’ve ever sold a car before and had to deal with all the nonsense, you’ll absolutely love Quik Car Buyers Australia. We purchase all types of cars. Cars that are literally brand spanking new all the way down to a car that needs to be towed. We make the process of selling your car easy. We want to buy your car- Quik!

Some questions our happy customers have asked about Quik.

How did Quik start?
The idea of Quik Car Buyers spawned from the desire of a group of the automotive industry’s most experienced professionals’ dream of solving the problems people face when selling their cars. With years of experience and developing relationships across Australia, the founders of Quik got together to create a service that totally eliminates any need for a middle man in a vehicle selling transaction. Their dream was to make things easy.
What if it’s not a car, let’s say a motorbike?
Still, no problem! It can actually be a truck, ute, motorhome, farm equipment, jet skis, boats and more.
What if it’s for my business? 
Personal or business vehicles, we have you covered. We can provide a reciprocal tax invoice when applicable…….Like we said, it’s the best service in town!
What if I haven't sold a car before?
We understand that selling a car can sometimes be tricky and you want to make sure you get the BEST PRICE. Our Quik representatives will take the time and care to explain every step. Sometimes you need to switch over car insurance, remove accessories, organise a drop off or organise particular documentation. You will not be rushed with the process, it’s only when the process is CRYSTAL CLEAR, do we then make it SUPER Quik!
Cash and offload has never been easier.
You can drop it off, get it picked up and we organise it all over the phone. All you have to do is START NOW and ENTER YOUR DETAILS. Find out how much you will get today! Get it done easy and with no hassle and get it done Quik!